Why we don’t use Water, Beeswax or fillers…

March 31, 2018 0 By mastoorabeauty1

Basically we started MastoorA to provide the people with quality REAL beauty products that work! Not just the typical beauty cream or body butter like this…

I don’t know how these companies get away with it charging real bucks for this kind of a rip off but it’s our job as consumers to stand up and say, ” when we buy shea butter body butter we want the first ingredient to be shea butter!” Then if they put water as the second, who cares, it’s just water.

Point is the first ingredients are the bulk of your product then the following each are less and less. So if water and soy oil or glycerine is the first in your shea butter body butter, it’s not shea butter body but more soy body butter with shea butter mixed into it.

Buy carefully and keep an eye on ingredients lists top ingredient to see if your purchase is worth the £££ your spending.

Now for beeswax, it’s great for lip balm, foot balm and even some eczema creams but reality is that it’s just used to thicken back up your shea butter after they have watered it down. Instead of your body butter containing 1/2 or 1/4 the ingredients as shea butter it’s more like 1 teaspoon to the 250ml of ingredients.

Joke right!? No, I’m serious. Most of these companies use glycerin too as a humicant so beeswax isn’t needed except as a filler to deceive people into believing the body butter is indeed quality butter. Deceiving but the truth is for us to read on the lable. We are our own biggest enemy.

Other fillers from cheap oils to down right corn starch etc is just deceptive and down right nasty to do to a paying customer. It’s taking advantage of people and is on the sly dishonest.

You wont find these methods in MastoorA Beauty products. When we say body butter the main ingredient is the butter not an oil or water. We use vegetable glycerine as a humicant and other oils that are proven quality. Our Argan oil is certified and verified REAL.

I have always told people, if you can’t read the ingredient and know what it is then don’t buy it. Granted now we use some funny names for cosmetics and it’s still natural but the point is clear .

That’s all for today loves