How to Get Silver Hair … Minimal Damage!

Everyone these days wants grey/ silver/ white blonde hair. The days of natural blonde are in the past… let’s face it.

The common problem we have now is that we all want to do it yourself at home without forking out the big bucks and, well, how difficult can it really be ???

Well, you can end up with orange or yellow hair, not to mention fried hair

Need I say more ….

How to get silver hair without further damage?

This is the key question, by now you atlleast know you need to use a toner because that brass isnt going anywhere but your stringy, gewy, spaghetti like wet hair that feels like soggy pasta when wet and straw when its eventually dry, it just cant handle any more chemical damage I mean, produts.

How to tone without damage?

Once your hair is light yellow and pale enough to a slightly brassy, yellow… there is hope!!!

MastoorA silver shampoo was made for this exact reason! Yes, it was formulated to help you reach your white/ silver blonde without further damage.

Method: Apply to light yellow or off white hair as a toner after bleaching. Can be used between bleach sessions.

Benefits: Tones unwanted brassy to yellow from hair. Contains rice water and other beneficial ingredients to hairs health.


This shampoo is intense toning for silver/ grey results

MastoorA Beauty Blonde shampoo is stronger than traditional purple shampoos and suitable for all types of color-treated blonde, bleached, highlighted and natural hair to reduce brassy discoloration and neutralize yellow tones. Use purple shampoo on grey hair that needs a silvery brightness boost.

Versatile violet shampoo can be left on for varying periods for the blonde hair shade you crave.

Ultra-pigmented purple shampoo is specially formulated for light hair, vivid violet-tint formula enhances blonde, white and silver coloring by boosting cool tones in hair. With regular use, purple shampoo will brighten hair further to achieve glossy silver or ash-grey tones.

Formulated sulfate and paraben-free blonde shampoo revives shine and softens strands. Use purple shampoo for blonde hair 2-3 times a week, alongside your regular shampoo and conditioner for hair color to remain vibrant, shiny and healthy for longer between salon visits

Check it out !!!


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