How to Cure Acne Fast with Retin A- Tretinion

December 10, 2019 0 By mastoorabeauty1

The most common problem among our customers is either wrinkles, hair loss or acne.

This topic is very sensitive for most women but also for men. Acne causes low self esteem in some but can just be annoying for others. The reality is that it can be very traumatic to look in the mirror and see what you hate all over your face and not know how to get rid of it.

Months pass and you spend hundreds of £ to try every gimmick and idea out there from natural home remedies to ‘special’ acne treatments that just don’t work

To save the boredom of what acne is and why it exists as there can be numerous reasons but most who suffer acne already know this ( I’ll go into depth in another post about the multitude of reasons)

RETIN A (Tretinion)

The most common use of tretinoin is to remove acne. Tretinoin acts quickly and effectively to remove acne from the face by clearing skin pores and preventing pimples from developing as they normally would. This has made topical tretinoin one of the most widely used and effective acne treatments on the market today.


Tretinoin Takes Three to Six Months to Produce Results

In general, it takes three to six months to see results from tretinoin. This is supported by several studies, all of which showed a significant improvement in skin quality and reduction in acne after 12 weeks of using tretinoin.

Retin A is different to retinol so don’t confuse the two.

Retinol needs to be metabolized by your skin before its beneficial so often you see higher percentages of retinol but it is less affective and usually only comes in over the counter items that contain so many other ingredients in the top of the label that water down the Retinol rendering it almost completely ineffective.