Natural Eczema Remedy

December 17, 2019 1 By mastoorabeauty1

MastoorA Beauty products Eczema

MastoorA has formulated an eczema cream that is gentle enough for babys an is 100% natural.

Some ask us why we have used glycerine in our eczema cream and even in some other lotions so below is a little info about vegetable glycerine.

May Moisturize Skin

Vegetable glycerin is a popular skincare treatment because of its moisturizing power.

Research shows that applying glycerin to your skin may gradually improve its smoothness and suppleness. In fact, using creams containing glycerin may increase skin hydration in as few as 10 days

In one study, a cream made from glycerin was more effective than those made from silicone oil or hyaluronic acid at hydrating skin and preventing loss of moisture (3).

In another study, adding glycerin to a warm water bath was more effective at improving skin moisture levels and protecting against skin irritation than a warm water bath alone (4).

May Promote Skin Health

Vegetable glycerin may lead to better skin health by helping soothe skin irritation, protect against infection and promote wound healing.

Studies show that applying glycerin-containing products may protect your skin against irritants and microbes, as well as soothe inflamed or wounded skin

Moreover, vegetable glycerin may act as a barrier to safeguard your skin from the elements, including wind and cold

Another study reports that vegetable glycerin may be more effective than a placebo at reducing sensations of smarting in people with eczema. However, it appears to have no effect on stinging, itching, drying or irritation