Are Glute and Breast Enlargement Creams Safe ?

So from what I have seen, it’s become a trend to enlarge places of the body and shrink others… without exercise.

This is a legitimate thing people put so much effort into but wont bother to achieve it exercising or maybe they tried and arent happy with the results yet.

I’m all for looking your best and being natural looking and enhancing your body in ways that it can be manipulated instead of the nip and tuck.

My problem lays with the lack of understanding behind alot of these methods, one of them being a cream I came across that is for enlargening the feminine regions.

It stated it was 100% Natural and offers these off the chart results, yeh already screaming, ” Bullsh!t”

Anyway, I found that one of the ‘natural’ products was indeed a concern for me as it affects our estrogen.

Anything that can increase your estrogen above what it is naturally suppose to be for your own body is dangerous and increases your risks to certain cancers.

This is why women are prescribed the pill! They are suppose to be monitored by their doctor and the risk of certain cancers are lowered or elevated by taking the pill.

These hand made recipes of people grabbing onto women’s insecurities to make a quick buck at the risk of their health is disgusting!

A natural substance that messes with your hormone receptors is enough of a problem but considering many of these ” natural” creams arent natural at all and contain synthetic versions of products including hormones that they write the natural name instead not caring that they decieve people.

This trend of wanting larger breasts has become so ridiculous that women are believing that this is healthy. If you want to enhance yourself it’s your own choice but this is usually just a way women ate sexualised by men and now doing it to themselves. We need to love ourselves and be confident and happy in our own shapes.

Back to these creams, locally to me women have been reporting severe side affects and no wonder why… they are rubbing phyto estrogens onto their breasts and pelvic regions… from what source?

Phyotestrogens can come from food in small amounts and they are broken down by our stomachs acid and absorbed. This approach is obviously normal usage of a food item that is intended to be consumed.

Phytoestrogens however are a hormone disruptor and when applied to hormonal glands or breasts one can only wonder the affects of this on the woman’s hormonal balance.

Unclear ingredients and even more unclear… the health risks!

Dont risk your health from a gimmick!

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