Oppression Behind Argan Oil

I was hesitant to write this post because I don’t like controversy and politics but I thought it may help others understand a little more about Argan oil.

In Morocco there are so many Co-Ops so to speak for Argan Oil. It seems that almost every touristic route has a Co-Op.

Alot of people aren’t aware of the corruption behind these places. They sit women on the floor making Argan oil or pretending to while tourists come and take pictures of them in their traditional clothing and then walk on past into a shop with high priced and even sometimes diluted Argan oil.

You may say this is the tourism trade etc etc but if you ever considered if that was your Mother or Aunt being photographed sitting on the floor and watching people take pictures in amazement while learning how goats dedicate Argan then maybe you can appreciate the disrespectful nature of such a situation for these women.

What is worse is that they aren’t paid or cared for as claimed by the Co-Op but something is better than nothing for so many of these women who dont even know how much they are actually being taken advantage of.

They are vulnerable people, widows, elderly and even sometimes just severely mistreated and poor!

I myself as MastoorA Beauty’s product manager have seen this myself, I have met women who have confided in me the truths behind the Co-Ops which I wont share the details as it could be called gossip!

I personally want to inform the general public that the reality of Argan oil can be pretty dark and dishonest for the buyer and the ‘maker’.

Rest assured we at MastoorA Beauty purchase verified Argan Oil, this means that we know the person who owns the Argan Trees and processes it themself or we buy it from a woman who has employed local men and women to make the Argan oil and pays them a fair wage for their work on her land.

Its not a Co-Op but in our opinion it seems to be the safest way to ensure we aren’t part of any oppression among the Moroccan People.

During such a difficult economy for the Moroccans we are happy to offer the average price for our Oils and feel confident and secure that we are helping improve the working conditions and wages of locals in rural areas.

We seek out this method and follow up, asking questions and investigate, discuss our opinions and exchanges with eachother among other businesses who deal in trade with oils and agree to purchase our oils from the fairest Employer.This ensures that we aren’t supporting the corruption,lies and unfair treatment which is what is causing a lot of Moroccans to suffer in today’s economy.

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