How to Make Carrot Oil & Why!

Carrot Oil for Hair and Skin

Many of us have not even heard of carrot oil. Carrots yield amazing benefits for the eyes and are power-packed with Vitamin A. But carrot oil for the hair and skin?

It sounds strange but is true. The discovery of this mighty oil happened when people realized that carrot oil gave amazing results when applied on skin and hair.

Let’s read on further to know more about carrot oil:

How is Carrot Oil Procured?

To procure carrot oil, the dried seeds of carrots undergo steam distillation and the oil that is obtained in its purest form. This procured oil is orange/red in color and it works wonders for the hair and skin.

A little oil can be applied for a huge lot of benefits.

Carrot oil has antibacterial properties and healing properties. Carrot oil infuses a lot of moisture into the skin, hair, and scalp. It can be mixed with other oils or applied alone.

Carrot oil’s best property is that it can lubricate the outer layer of the skin thereby restoring the moisture loss and forming a protective layer.

Many companies including MastoorA Beauty use carrot oil in their lotions and hair products because of its hydrating quality.

Carrot oil can be made at home in an easy DIY task:

* Wash and peel the carrots

*Grate the carrots with a grater or in a food processor. Do not blend in the mixie as that will give a carrot pulp.

* Put the grated carrot in a crock pot and pour the pot with any preferable oil ( coconut, almond, olive, etc.)

* Set the temperature of the crock pot to the lowest.

* Infuse some heat into the oil for up to 3 days, maintaining the temperature at about 100 to 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

* Once you notice that the oil has changed its color to orange, strain the mixture through a mesh strainer.

* Keep the oil and throw away the carrots.

* Store this oil in an air-tight container. You can use it for up to eight months.

This way, you can prepare your own carrot oil hygienically at home. Carrot oil is found in two forms: one is an oil procured from carrot seeds and another one is a carrot root oil.

Carrot oil procured from the seeds is considered to be the most potent one. It is very rich in nutrients. The carrot root oil is made from carrot roots and peels. It is often used as a carrier oil.

Benefits of Carrot Oil

There are plenty of benefits of using carrot oil. Some of them are listed below:

* Carrot oil is helpful in the treatment of various types of cancer. Carrot oil has antioxidant properties that help to fight the cancers of the mouth, kidneys and stomach.

* Carrot oil has various antiseptic and antiviral properties that help to fight infections.

* Carrot oil is extremely beneficial in the treatment of sores, ulcers, and many such stomach ailments.

* Carrot oil works as a stimulant boosting metabolic functions and circulation. It also stimulates the production of hormones and enzymes. Carrot oil stimulates the functions of the nerves and brains making the person more active.

* Carrot oil acts as an excellent detoxifier cleansing the tissues, blood and other internal organs.

* It helps fight rheumatism and arthritis. It is used extensively in aromatherapy because it acts like a soothing agent and relieves stress. It can relieve muscle and joint aches.

* It improves the eyesight.

* Carrot oil contains essential anti-oxidants that help to moisturize the skin and scalp. These antioxidants also help to fight off the free radicals which pose a great danger to the skin and causes premature aging.

* Carrot oil contains optimum levels of Vitamin C, E and A which help in slowing down the process of aging.

* Carrot oil is rich in beta-carotene which is very beneficial to the skin and hair.

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