Green Coffee Oil Benefits for Hair and Skin

Green Coffee Bean Oil naturally builds collagen and elastin which strengthens, tightens, and restores skin and hair.

The high concentration of chlorogenic acid present in the green coffee extract reduces redness associated with excessive sunlight exposure. Caffeine also contains anti-aging properties. It limits photodamage, decreases skin roughness and wrinkle formation, and reduces the appearance of crow’s feet.

Green Coffee Bean Oil has a high concentration of essential fatty acids and Vitamin E which make it a potent antioxidant that can offer protection against skin damage can rebuild cell formation and DNA damage. Also, it restores photoaging, fine lines and wrinkles, and will tighten fatty-patches and cellulite.

Apply daily (can be used multiple times a day) to get the maximum benefits. Can be used as a potent carrier oil, used alone as a morning serum, or used with a sugar scrub on cellulite spots.

Use Mastoora Green Coffee Bean Oil to:

– Restore aging

– Tighten skin

– Reduce eye puffiness

– Diminish fine lines and wrinkles

– Soften hair

– Moisturize skin

– Bring a radiant glow with cell reproduction

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