About Us

About Us

Mastoora Beauty is dedicated to giving the public the best of the natural world in cosmetics and personal care products.



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Our story

I started Mastoora after the birth of my second child in 2010 as I was  facing severe financial difficulty.

After a few short years I put everything on the back burner and focused on my growing family.

After the birth of my 4th child at 31 weeks gestation in 2015, I witnessed just how much she suffered from Allergies and Eczema, no pharmaceutical helped her in the slightest except steroids. This was a huge concern for her Dr and I since she was so young and had been through so much.


This exposed me to the great number of people suffering skin issues and pushed me to restart my Natural Cosmetics line Mastoora Beauty.

Now with 6 kids and another on the way, we have not stopped or slowed down.

We wouldn’t be here today without the help of our Family and Friends but also all our beautiful, loyal customers and total strangers who offered help and advice along the way.

We at Mastoora Beauty thank you all!