Jasmine Rose Oil x2

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All Purpose Beauty Oil

  • Antiseptic
  • Soothes dry skin 
  • Eczema and
  • Increasing cell turnover to lighten the appearance of scars.

Jasmine oil also has anti-inflammatory properties and can be useful in general skin care and the treatment of psoriasis.

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Jasmine Rose All Purpose Beauty Oil

We love a good oil, which is why our luxury facial oils are formulated with the best nature can offer.

This includes the exotic and seductive jasmine flower. Derived in Persia, jasmine is known for its sweet, intoxicating and arguably romantic fragrance

Jasmine oil has antiseptic properties that are beneficial in treating skin infections. According to research , jasmine oil also has anti-inflammatory properties and can be useful in general skin care and the treatment of psoriasis.

Natural Antiseptic

The first jasmine oil benefit is that it can serve as an amazing disinfectant as it carries an abundance of natural antiseptic properties. Its components include benzoic acid and benzyl benzoate, which are chemicals that kill and inhibit both bacteria and fungi. Jasmine essential oil can speed up the healing of wounds and reduce the chance of infections (think, open acne blemishes!).

Great for Dry Skin

We love to have glowing skin all year ‘round! Jasmine essential oil is a wonderful component for skincare products given its healing, relaxing and glow-promoting benefits. This oil can aid the treatment of dry and irritated skin. It’s especially great for those who suffer from eczema outbreaks.

Provides Anti-Aging Benefits

It’s never too early to start the anti-aging process! That’s why jasmine should be a staple item in your skincare routine. Before bed each night, take some time to rub a few drops of the essential oil on your face and neck before applying your nighttime moisturizer. This will help slow the process of fine-line development on the skin as the oil helps promote collagen production, which helps fill in the space created by wrinkles.

Works to Heal Scars

We all have scars and blemishes we work tirelessly to remove. No matter how much we scrub or how much concealer we apply, it still doesn’t reduce their appearance. Jasmine can eliminate acne spots, stretch marks and scars. This natural essential oil can even help reduce the appearance of cellulite! Jasmine is known as a natural cicatrisant, which targets scars and works to reduce their appearance.

Evens Skin Tone

Jasmine essential oil is a go to tonic for beautiful, balanced and glowing skin. It gets rid of dark spots and unevenness, plus helps lighten acne scars over time, revealing healthy, radiant skin. It is known to provide a natural glow when mixed with foundation or applied as a makeup primer.

Helps control oiliness

A lot of us find T-zone oiliness or overall dull worn-out oily layer on our face, especially by end of day. This is due to excess sebum production in the skin that leads to that greasy appearance. Jasmine oil contains hormone-balancing attributes which can benefit balancing the oils in our skin. It helps reduce oiliness without the skin feeling dry. Regular usage promotes a stable skin with healthy glow.

Protector of the scalp

Jasmine oil can help with dandruff, which is caused by extremely dry scalp.  Moreover, the antiseptic properties of Jasmine help eliminate any bad bacteria from the scalp, thus minimizing scalp acne, dandruff and other irritating conditions. Being a natural healer, jasmine oil prevents infections and its nourishing attributes are restorative for hair follicles, as much as for skin, which helps in reducing hair breakage and promote healthy hair elasticity. Since we are all about holistic beauty, we thought we must share this added bonus benefit for a shiny, healthy mane!




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3 reviews for Jasmine Rose Oil x2

  1. clemina

    Beautiful oil and smells divine.
    I use it on my fave at night and in my hair.
    Love it and now see an option to add an extra one for more than half price!!!!!! Im buying you out of stock

  2. yasmin

    Review for Jasmine Rose Oil x2
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  3. Hamza J

    Review for Jasmine Rose Oil x2
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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